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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Technical services and assistance to neighborhood preservation companies
Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B, ARTICLE 16
§ 906. Technical services and assistance to neighborhood preservation
companies. 1. The division is hereby authorized to render to
neighborhood preservation companies such technical services and
assistance as it may possess or as may be available to it to enable such
companies to comply with the intent and provisions of this article. The
division is further authorized to take all steps necessary to encourage
the formation, organization and growth of new neighborhood preservation
companies. The division may also, from funds appropriated for the
purposes of this article, contract with municipal and other public
agencies and with private persons, firms and corporations for the
provision of such technical services and assistance which may include:
preparation and submission of proposals for entering into contracts with
the commissioner; preparation and submission of reports required under
such contracts or regulations issued by the commissioner; internal
organization and management of the neighborhood preservation companies;
recruitment and training of personnel of the neighborhood preservation
companies; preparation of plans and projects, negotiation of agreements
and compliance with requirements of programs in which neighborhood
preservation companies may become engaged in the course of their
neighborhood preservation activities; and other technical advice or
assistance relating to the performance or rendition of neighborhood
preservation activities.

2. The affordable housing corporation, the housing trust fund
corporation or their designee as the case may be, shall provide an
incentive grant to each company that is awarded a contract pursuant to
article eighteen or nineteen of this chapter. Such incentive grant shall
consist of the payment of an additional sum of money equal to three
percent of the amount payable to such company pursuant to each contract
provided, however, that such payment shall not be counted against the
per dwelling unit total imposed by subdivision one of section eleven
hundred two of this chapter or the per dwelling unit limitation imposed
by subdivision one of section eleven hundred twelve of this chapter, and
provided further that such additional amount shall not exceed forty
thousand dollars per contract. Such incentive grant shall be utilized
either for purposes consistent with the provisions of this article or
for the cost of neighborhood preservation activities related to such
contract and shall not be subject to the limitation on the amount of
funds which may be received by companies contained in subdivision four
of section nine hundred three of this article. Such incentive grant
shall be added to and considered a payment under the contract for
purposes of allocating funds to any single municipality.