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New York State Housing Finance Agency
Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B

Section 40. Short title.

41. Statement of legislative findings and purposes.

42. Definitions.

43. New York state housing finance agency.

44. Powers of the agency.

44-a. Low rent dwelling accommodations.

44-b. Mortgage modifications, evidence of pre-existing


44-c. Federally-aided mortgage loans.

45. Transfer of officers and employees.

45-a. Housing trust fund corporation.

45-b. Affordable housing corporation.

45-c. Homeless housing and assistance corporation.

46. Notes and bonds of the agency.

47. Reserve funds and appropriations.

47-a. State university construction bonds and notes.

47-b. Mental hygiene improvement bonds and notes.

47-c. Special provisions related to certain bonds and notes.

47-d. Health facilities bonds and notes.

47-e. Housing program bonds and notes.

48. Agreement with the state.

49. State's right to require redemption of bonds.

50. Remedies of noteholders and bondholders.

51. Monies of the agency.

51-a. Federal rental assistance program administrative fees.

52. Notes and bonds as legal investment.

53. Exemption from taxation of property and income.

54. Exemption from taxation of notes and bonds.

55. Assistance by state officers, departments, boards and


56. Reports.

56-a. Indemnification of members, officers and employees.

57. Insured mortgage reserve fund.

58. Special revenue housing coverage reserve funds.

59. Bond reserve insurance fund.

59-a. Housing trust fund account.

59-b. Affordable housing development account.

59-c. Insured housing initiatives fund.

59-d. Turnkey/enhanced housing account.

59-e. Infrastructure development fund.

59-g. Permanent housing for homeless families fund.

59-h. Manufactured home cooperative fund.

59-i. Homeless housing and assistance account.

60. Housing project repair fund.

61. Inconsistent provisions in other laws superseded.

61-a Actions.

62. Article not affected if in part unconstitutional.