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Payment of salaries and expenses
Rapid Transit (RAT) CHAPTER 48-A, ARTICLE 2
§ 15. Payment of salaries and expenses. The salaries of the members
of the board of transportation and the salaries and expenses paid or
incurred in the exercise of their powers and duties shall be chargeable
to such city, and shall be audited and paid as follows: The board of
estimate, on requisition duly made by the board of transportation,
stating the purposes for which such moneys are required, shall
appropriate such sums of money as the board of estimate may deem
necessary for the payment of such salaries and expenses. The city shall
not be liable for any indebtedness incurred by the board, or any member
thereof, in excess of such appropriations. It shall be the duty of the
comptroller, after such appropriation shall have been duly made, to
audit and pay the salaries and expenses of the board, upon vouchers
therefor to be furnished by the board, which payment shall be made in
like manner as payments are made by the comptroller of claims against
and demands upon such city. In case of municipal operation all salaries
and expenses incurred in connection with such operation shall be
included in the expense of operation.