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Advertising for proposals
Rapid Transit (RAT) CHAPTER 48-A, ARTICLE 2
§ 17. Advertising for proposals. The board of transportation before
awarding any contract except where there is an extraordinary emergency
involving danger to life or property or where the estimated expense of a
contract does not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars shall advertise
for proposals for such contract by a notice to be printed once a week
for two successive weeks in no less than two of the daily newspapers
published in such city, and in such newspapers published elsewhere than
in such city as such board shall determine. Such notice shall set forth
and state the points within the city, between which such road is to run,
the general method of construction, the route to be followed, the term
of years for which it is proposed to make such contract, and such other
details and specifications as the board shall deem to be proper. Such
notice shall state the time and place at which such proposals will be
opened. The board shall attend at the time and place so specified, and
shall publicly open all proposals that shall have been received, but the
board shall not be bound to accept any proposals so received, but may
reject all such proposals and readvertise for proposals in the manner
provided in this chapter, or may accept any of such proposals as, in the
judgment of such board, will best promote the public interest, and award
a contract accordingly. All such contracts must before execution be
approved as to form by the corporation counsel and consented to by the
board of estimate and the mayor of such city.