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Vehicular tunnels and other means of transportation
Rapid Transit (RAT) CHAPTER 48-A, ARTICLE 4
§ 35. Vehicular tunnels and other means of transportation. a.
Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary contained in any city
charter, administrative code, or in any general, special or local law,
the board of transportation may act as the agent of any such city, at
the request of the mayor thereof, to prepare and submit to such mayor a
plan for the building and construction of a tunnel under any stream or
waterway within or adjoining the limits of such city and the approaches
thereto, or a vehicular tunnel or two or more vehicular tunnels,
together with the necessary approaches thereto, between the several
boroughs of the city of New York, or between two points in the same
borough, and as such agent of such city, with like request and approval,
may proceed with the construction and equipment or enter into contracts
for the construction and equipment of such part or section of any such
tunnel as such mayor shall require. The advertising and award of any and
all contracts entered into pursuant to this section shall be subject to
the provisions of section seventeen of this chapter. The city, from time
to time, on requisition duly made by the board of transportation, may
appropriate such sums of money as it may deem requisite and necessary to
enable the board of transportation to prepare such plans or to carry on
such construction and equipment. Such sums shall be paid out and
expended for such purposes upon vouchers certified by such board of
transportation. If bonds are issued for such purposes, they may be made
payable at maturity out of a sinking fund to be established and created
out of the rates and charges fixed by the board of estimate for the use
of any such tunnel by pedestrians and vehicles. Upon the completion
thereof the commissioner of public works or other like officer of such
city shall have cognizance and control of the management, maintenance,
operation and repair of every such tunnel and the approaches thereto.

b. The board of transportation, with like request and approval of the
mayor, may conduct such hearings and investigations with respect to
streets, tunnels or other ways, railroads, ferries or other methods or
means for the transportation of passengers or property within the limits
of any such city as such mayor shall require, and make reports and
recommendations with respect thereto, from time to time, as shall
likewise be required.