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Transfer of property
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 8
§ 171. Transfer of property. Any incorporated church of the United
Church of Christ and any incorporated Congregational Christian church
which is a member of the New York Conference of the United Church of
Christ, created by or existing under the laws of the state of New York,
having its principal office or place of worship in the state of New
York, or whose last place of worship was within the state of New York,
is hereby authorized and empowered, by the concurrent vote of two-thirds
of its qualified voters present and voting therefor, at a meeting
regularly called for that purpose, and of two-thirds of all its
trustees, to direct the transfer and conveyance of any of its property,
real or personal, which it now has or may hereafter acquire, to any
religious, charitable or missionary corporation connected with the
United Church of Christ and incorporated by or organized under any law
of the state of New York, either solely, or among other purposes, to
establish or maintain, or to assist in establishing or maintaining
churches, schools or mission stations, or to erect or assist in the
erection of such buildings as may be necessary for any of such purposes,
with or without the payment of any money or other consideration
therefor; and upon such concurrent votes being given, the trustees shall
execute such transfer or conveyance; and upon the same being made, the
title to and the ownership and right of possession of the property so
transferred and conveyed shall be vested in and conveyed to such
grantee; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall impair
or affect in any way any existing claim upon or lien against any
property so transferred or conveyed, or any action at law or legal
proceeding; and such transfer shall be subject, in respect to the amount
of property the said grantee may take and hold, to the restrictions and
limitations of all laws then in force.