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Meeting for incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 9-A
§ 186. Meeting for incorporation. At the meeting for incorporation
held in pursuance of such notice, the following persons, and no others,
shall be qualified voters, to wit: All persons of full age, who are then
members in good and regular standing of such church or society by
admission into full membership therewith, in accordance with the rules
and regulations thereof.

At such meeting, the presence of a majority of such qualified voters,
at least six in number, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. The
action of the meeting upon any matter or question shall be decided by a
majority of the qualified voters voting thereon, a quorum being present.
The meeting shall be called to order by one of the signers of the call.
There shall be elected at such meeting, from the qualified voters then
present, a presiding officer, a clerk to keep the record of the
proceedings, of the meeting and two inspectors of election to receive
the ballots cast. The presiding officer of the meeting and the
inspectors shall decide the results of the ballots cast on any matter,
and shall be the judges of the qualifications of voters.

Such meeting shall decide whether such unincorporated church or
society shall become incorporated. If such decision shall be in favor of
incorporation such meeting shall decide upon the name of the proposed
corporation which shall be "Church of Christ, Scientist," prefixed by
"First," "Second," "Third" or other numerical designation, or "Christian
Science Society" as the case may be, and followed by the name of the
place where it shall be located; the meeting also shall decide the
number of the trustees of such church or society, which shall be any
number from three to twelve, and shall determine the date, not more than
fifteen months thereafter, on which the first annual election of the
trustees thereof after such meeting shall be held. Such meeting shall
thereupon elect by ballot, from the persons qualified to vote thereat,
one-third of the number of trustees as nearly as possible so decided
upon who shall hold office until the first annual election of trustees
thereafter, one-third of such number of trustees as nearly as possible
who shall hold office until the second annual election of trustees
thereafter, and the remainder of such trustees who shall hold office
until the third annual election of trustees thereafter, or until the
respective successors of such trustees shall be elected and take office.