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Government of incorporated union churches
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 11
§ 221. Government of incorporated union churches. Any union church or
society having a common place of worship or holding property belonging
jointly to the several societies composing the same, but the sole right
of occupancy of which is reserved to each of them in proportion to their
interest in such property, or the money originally paid therefor by
each, or in accordance with their plan of union agreed on, may, if any
one or more of the churches or societies comprising such union church or
society has ceased to exist, on the request of such remaining churches
or society, redistribute and divide the time of occupancy among such
remaining societies in proportion to their contributions to such
property respectively, or in accordance with a new plan of union agreed
on by them. Such redistribution shall be made by the trustees of said
union church or society on written notice to the societies which it is
alleged have ceased to exist; but no such society shall be deemed to
have ceased to exist unless it has failed or neglected for a period of
five consecutive years next preceding such request for redistribution,
to hold meetings and have a clerk or secretary, and keep a list or
registry of its members, or to have preaching, prayer or conference
meetings, or other religious services in keeping with the usages of the
denomination to which it belongs.

Any one of the societies composing a union church or society, which
shall have built a church edifice in the same village or neighborhood in
which it holds its religious services, shall not thereby lose or forfeit
in any way any of its rights or privileges in such union society, and
the maintaining of divine worship, or contributing to its support in its
own building, shall be regarded the same as if it held its meetings in
the church building of such union society. Any notice for the election
of trustees of the union society or for any other purpose which the law
requires to be read or given at the time of divine service, may be read
or given in the church edifice so built by any one of such societies, if
at the time religious services are not held in the church edifice of
such union society. But such notice must be posted on the outer door of
such union church edifice at least fifteen days before the meeting. If
any society composing any such church union or society has a greater
interest in the occupancy of the church building than others, unless the
several churches composing the union church or society have agreed
otherwise, the number of trustees shall be odd, and the trustees shall
be elected from such societies in proportion to their respective
interests in the union, church or society, as nearly as may be. Any
society composing such union church or society, which has built for
itself a church edifice and become incorporated, may sell its interest
and right of occupancy in such union society, and convey the same, when
authorized so to do by a two-thirds vote of the voters thereof qualified
to vote for union trustees, at a special meeting called for that
purpose. The proceeds of such sale shall be used for the benefit of its
church property.