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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Application for incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 18
§ 337. Application for incorporation. Any number of persons of full
age, not less than ten, who are communicants in canonical standing
within the Eastern Orthodox Church may associate themselves for the
purpose of founding and continuing a congregation acknowledging,
conforming to and promoting the faith, doctrine, discipline, rite,
canons, traditions, usages and constitution of the Byelorussian
Autocephalic Orthodox Church in America and apply to the archbishop or
bishop, who is the ecclesiastical administrator of said church, for
permission and sanction to incorporate such congregation. When such
permission aforesaid has been obtained in writing over the signature and
seal of such archbishop or bishop, such congregation may become an
incorporated church by executing, acknowledging and filing a certificate
of incorporation as hereinafter provided.

Any religious order, theological seminary for the preparation of
candidates for ministry, or religious society established for
evangelical efforts or the relief of the poor and needy, which is
intended to be an auxiliary organization of the Byelorussian
Autocephalic Orthodox Church in America, where a chapel for the conduct
of worship is provided shall be deemed a congregation to all intents and
purposes, and may be incorporated in the manner prescribed in this