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Meeting for incorporation of unincorporated society
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 19
§ 402. Meeting for incorporation of unincorporated society. At a
meeting for incorporation held pursuant to section four hundred one, the
qualified voters, until otherwise decided as hereafter provided, shall
be all persons of full age who are members of the unincorporated
society, according to its rules or usages, for at least one year prior
to the meeting or since it was formed.

At such meeting the presence of a majority of such qualified voters,
in person, at least six in number, shall be necessary to constitute a
quorum, and all matters or questions shall be decided by a majority of
the qualified voters voting thereon. The meeting shall be called to
order by one of the signers of the call. There shall be elected at such
meeting, from the qualified voters then present, a presiding officer, a
clerk to keep the record of the proceedings of the meeting and two
inspectors of election to receive the ballots cast. The presiding
officer and the inspectors shall decide the result of the ballots cast
on any matter, and shall be the judges of the qualifications of the

If the meeting shall decide that such unincorporated society shall
become incorporated, the meeting shall also decide upon the name of the
proposed corporation, the number of the trustees thereof, which shall be
not less than three and not more than twelve, and the date, not more
than fifteen months thereafter, on which the first annual election of
the trustees thereof shall be held.

Such meeting shall also adopt by-laws and then elect by ballot
trustees in accordance with the provisions of such by-laws.

Thereafter, the officers of the corporation shall be elected in
accordance with the by-laws.