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Certificate of incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 3
§ 41. Certificate of incorporation. If such meeting shall decide in
favor of incorporation and comply with the next preceding section, the
presiding officer of such meeting and at least two other persons present
and voting thereat, shall execute and acknowledge a certificate of
incorporation setting forth:

1. The fact of the calling and holding of such meeting;

2. The name of the corporation as decided upon thereat;

3. The county, and the town, city or village, in which its principal
place of worship is, or is intended to be located;

4. The day, either on Sunday or a secular day, upon which the annual
election shall be held;

5. The number of vestrymen decided upon at such meeting;

6. The names of the vestrymen elected at such meeting and the term of
office of each;

7. The names of the churchwardens elected at such meeting and the term
of office of each.

Such certificate, when accompanied by a certificate of the bishop of
the diocese within which the principal place of worship of the proposed
corporation is, or is intended to be located, to the effect that he
consents to the incorporation of such church, shall be filed in the
office of the clerk of the county specified in the certificate of
incorporation; but in case the see be vacant, or the bishop be absent or
unable to act, the consent of the standing committee, with their
certificate of the vacancy of the see or of the absence or disability of
the bishop, shall suffice.

On filing such certificate in the office of the clerk of the county so
specified therein the churchwardens and vestrymen so elected and their
successors in office, together with the rector, when there is one, shall
form a vestry and shall be the trustees of such church or congregation;
and they and their successors shall thereupon, by virtue of this
chapter, be a body corporate by the name or title expressed in such
certificate, and shall have power, from time to time to adopt by-laws
for its government. Such corporation shall be an incorporated church,
and may be termed also an incorporated parish.