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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Notice of meeting for incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 20
§ 424. Notice of meeting for incorporation. Notice of a meeting for
the purpose of incorporating an unincorporated church shall be given as

1. The notice shall be in writing and shall state, in substance, that
a meeting of such unincorporated church will be held at its usual place
of worship at a specified day and hour for the purpose of incorporating
such church and electing any multiple of three trustees thereof but not
to exceed twenty-four.

2. The notice must by signed by at least six qualified voters. A copy
of such notice shall be publicly read at each of the two consecutive
Sunday mornings, or main worship services of such unincorporated church
preceding the meeting to incorporate, by the first named of the
following persons who is present thereat, to wit: the minister of such
church, the officiating minister thereof, the members of the church in
the order of their age beginning with the oldest, or any person
qualified to sign such notice.

3. In the case where a church school, biblical seminary or association
of the type set forth in subdivision one of section four hundred
twenty-one of this article does not hold regular Sunday worship
services, written notice of the time and place of the meeting for
incorporation shall be delivered or read according to the manner
prescribed by the duly approved constitution and by-laws of such body
intending to incorporate.