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Corporate meetings
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 20
§ 429. Corporate meetings. 1. Each church shall determine the
requirements for a quorum in their by-laws.

2. The action of the meeting upon any matter or question shall be
decided in a manner provided by the by-laws.

3. The first named of the following persons who are present at such
meeting shall preside thereat: the minister of such church, a qualified
voter designated by the minister, or voter elected thereto at the
meeting. The presiding officer of the meeting shall receive the votes,
be the judge of qualifications of voters and declare the result of the
votes cast on any matter.

4. At each annual corporate meeting, successors to those trustees
whose terms of office then expires, shall be elected from the qualified
voters for a term of three years thereafter.

5. If at any meeting of the church the actions of the minister are to
be voted upon because of disagreements with the congregation, or a
change in his teachings from the doctrines of the Assemblies of God, or
his conduct, the minister shall not chair such meeting. A district
official is to be invited to chair such a meeting. The minister, being a
member of said congregation, may speak at such meeting.

6. Only the members of the church at its annual meeting, or at a
special meeting called for that purpose, have the power to call or
remove its pastor.