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District corporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 20
§ 435. District corporation. 1. The present corporation acting within
the territorial limits of New York, the New York district of the
Assemblies of God, may reorganize by the formation of a new corporation
which may have as many trustees as there are regional sections within
the state, plus district officers, and others so designated by its
constitution and by-laws.

2. Said corporation shall have jurisdiction over all churches to which
this article applies, in conformity with the principles of voluntary
cooperative fellowship as set forth in the constitution of the general
council of the Assemblies of God. It shall also have the right to hold
real property for district purposes, including district offices, Bible
conference grounds, camps and educational institutions, homes, missions,
as well as properties for local unincorporated missions or churches.

3. The said district corporation shall be vested with title to all
property within the state now held in the name of the New York district
of the Assemblies of God. The said corporation may convey any property
without a court order, notwithstanding the provisions of section twelve
of this chapter or article five of the not-for-profit corporation law,
to a local church under all of the following conditions:

(a) Title was acquired by the district on behalf of the local church
before the local church was incorporated.

(b) The local church has been in possession and has had the use of the

(c) Premises had been acquired for and on behalf of the local church,
the district corporation holding title merely in the nature of a trust.

(d) The right of creditors will not be affected by such transfer.