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Meeting for incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 22
§ 464. Meeting for incorporation. 1. At the meeting for incorporation
held in pursuance of such notice, only qualified voters shall be
eligible to vote.

2. The presence of one-third of the qualified voters or six qualified
voters, whichever number is higher, shall be necessary to constitute a
quorum of such meeting. The action of the meeting upon any matter or
question shall be decided by a majority of the qualified voters present.

3. The minister of the church, or if none, the officiating minister,
shall act as presiding officer of the meeting to incorporate. The
presiding officer shall call the meeting to order and shall be the judge
of the qualification of voters.

4. Such meeting shall decide by ballot whether the church shall be
incorporated, the name of the proposed corporation, the names of the
initial trustees, and the date, not more than fifteen months thereafter,
on which the first annual election or affirmation of the trustees
thereof after such meeting shall be held. The trustees shall hold office
until their successors are elected or affirmed.

5. At the meeting for incorporation, a constitution and by-laws shall
be adopted setting forth a form of church governance that is consistent
with section four hundred sixty-five of this article.