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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Resolution to be adopted at incorporation meeting
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 3-A
§ 53. Resolution to be adopted at incorporation meeting. At such
meeting held for the incorporation of such parish, church or
congregation as an Apostolic Episcopal Church, by whatever corporate
name said church shall take, the following resolution shall be passed by
a majority of the qualified voters of such meeting, to wit:

"Resolved, that whereas, it has been decided by a majority vote to
incorporate said church under the name of (here give the corporate name
by which such church is to be known) as a congregation of the Apostolic
Episcopal Church and under the spiritual jurisdiction of metropolitan
synod of such denomination; we likewise, by a majority vote of the duly
qualified voters at this meeting, held for the incorporation of said
church, now decide that the clergymen trustees of this said church shall
be the bishop who is the ecclesiastical administrator, the vicar-general
and the chancellor of the aforesaid metropolitan synod and the rector or
vicar of this church, and their successors in office, shall by virtue of
their offices, be the clergymen trustees of this church, which said four
officers together with the ............ laymen trustees elected at this
incorporation meeting, shall constitute the trustees thereof. Said
clergymen trustees' term of office shall continue until their successors
in said office are elected by the Metropolitan Synod Apostolic Episcopal
Church, and said laymen trustees term of office shall be that fixed by