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This entry was published on 2022-12-16
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Capacity to hold real property
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 2
§ 10. Capacity to hold real property. 1. A citizen of the United
States is capable of holding real property within this state, and of
taking the same by descent, devise or purchase.

2. Noncitizens are empowered to take, hold, transmit, and dispose of
real property within this state in the same manner as native-born
citizens and their heirs and devisees take in the same manner as

3. For the purpose of maintaining offices and places of residence for
its ambassadors and consular officers and for its representatives at the
United Nations, a foreign government is empowered to hold, transmit and
dispose of real property within this state. Title to such property may
be taken either in the name of the foreign government or in the name of
its ambassador or consul or in the name of its minister to the United
Nations. If a conveyance of real property is made to an ambassador or
consul or minister of a foreign government as such, or contains
appropriate words showing the intention to vest the title in the holder
of the office rather than in the named individual, the title to the real
property shall pass from time to time without any further conveyance to
the respective successors in such office, who shall have full power to
dispose of such property.