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When deemed to have elected
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 6
§ 201. When deemed to have elected. Where a woman is entitled to an
election, as prescribed in either of the last two sections, she is
deemed to have elected to take the jointure, devise or pecuniary
provision, unless within six months after the death of her husband she
enters upon the lands assigned to her for her dower, or commences an
action for her dower. But, during such period of six months after the
death of her said husband, her time to make such election may be
enlarged by the order of any court competent to pass on the accounts of
executors, administrators or testamentary trustees, or to admeasure
dower, on an affidavit showing the pendency of a proceeding to contest
the probate of the will containing such jointure, devise or pecuniary
provision, or of an action to construe or set aside such will, or that
the amount of claims against the estate of the testator can not be
ascertained within the period so limited, or other reasonable cause, and
on notice given to such persons, and in such manner, as such court may
direct. Such order shall be indexed and recorded in the same manner as a
notice of pendency of action in the office of the clerk of each county
wherein the real property or a portion thereof affected thereby is