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This entry was published on 2019-12-13
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Condominium Act
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50

Condominium Act
Section 339-d. Short title.

339-e. Definitions.

339-f. Application of article.

339-g. Status of units.

339-h. Ownership of units.

339-i. Common elements.

339-j. Compliance with by-laws and rules and regulations.

339-k. Certain work prohibited.

339-l. Liens against common elements; liens against units;

liens for labor performed or materials furnished.

339-m. Common profits and expenses.

339-n. Contents of declaration.

339-o. Contents of deeds and leases of units.

339-p. Copy of floor plans to be filed.

339-q. Filing with board.

339-r. Blanket mortgages and other blanket liens affecting a

unit at time of first conveyance.

339-s. Recording.

339-t. Withdrawal from provisions of this article.

339-u. By-laws.

339-v. Contents of by-laws.

339-w. Books of receipts and expenditures; availability for


339-x. Waiver of use of common elements; abandonment of unit;

conveyance to board of managers.

339-y. Separate taxation.

339-z. Lien for common charges; priority; exoneration of

grantor and grantee.

339-aa. Lien for common charges; duration; foreclosure.

339-bb. Insurance.

339-cc. Repair or reconstruction.

339-dd. Actions.

339-ee. Effect of other laws.

339-ff. Mortgage investments on units by state agencies,

insurers, banking organizations and fiduciaries;

limitation to first mortgages.

339-gg. Severability.

339-hh. Reservation of power.

339-ii. Construction.

339-jj. Borrowing by board of managers.

339-kk. Rents.

339-ll. Electric vehicle charging station installation.