1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Real Property Tax
  4. Article 13: Special Provisions Relating to School Districts

Section 1342 Payment by county treasurer

Real Property Tax (RPT)

Within ten days after the school authorities of a school district, which has adopted the resolution pursuant to section thirteen hundred thirty-six or section thirteen hundred thirty-seven of this chapter, shall have transmitted to the county treasurer the statement of unpaid taxes in the manner provided by law, the county treasurer shall pay over to the officer charged by law with the custody of the school district moneys, an amount equal to the amount of taxes which an owner of real property has elected to pay in installments pursuant to section thirteen hundred forty of this chapter less the amount of the first installment. Such payment may be made from moneys not otherwise appropriated or committed, from moneys appropriated for a contingent fund or pursuant to the local finance law.