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Board of assessment review
Real Property Tax (RPT) CHAPTER 50-A, ARTICLE 16
§ 1612. Board of assessment review. 1. The board of assessment review
of a consolidated assessing unit shall have the powers and duties set
forth in title one-A of article five of this chapter, subject to the

(a) The board of directors shall determine the number of members on
the board of assessment review, which number shall be at least three and
no greater than seven.

(b) The members shall be appointed by the board of directors.

(c) The board of directors shall establish minimum qualification
standards for members of the board of assessment review, provided that
such standards shall be at least equal to those established by the
commissioner pursuant to this chapter.

(d) The board of directors may appoint temporary members to the board
of review to serve on administrative hearing panels in the manner
provided in section five hundred twenty-three-a of this chapter.

2. Members of the board of assessment review shall be entitled to
reimbursement for actual expenses. In addition, the board of directors
may adopt a resolution providing that the members of the board of
assessment review shall be paid for their respective services. Such
resolution, if adopted, shall fix the amount of such compensation.