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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Notice of receipt of tax roll and warrant
Real Property Tax (RPT) CHAPTER 50-A, ARTICLE 9, TITLE 3
§ 920. Notice of receipt of tax roll and warrant. 1. Upon receipt of
the tax roll and warrant, the collecting officer of each city and town
shall cause a notice to be published once a week for two successive
weeks in the official newspaper of such city or town, or if no newspaper
has been designated the official newspaper, in a newspaper having
general circulation in the city or town, that he has received such roll
and warrant. In addition, the collecting officer of each town shall
cause a copy of the published notice to be posted on the sign-board
maintained for the posting of legal notices at the entrance of the town
clerk's office pursuant to subdivision six of section thirty of the town

2. Such notice shall specify one or more convenient places in the city
or town where he will receive the taxes listed on the roll on at least
three days during usual business hours, and if in a city on at least
five days, in each week during the month of January, which days shall be
set forth in the notice.

3. Such notice shall also contain a statement of the interest required
to be added by section nine hundred twenty-four of this chapter and the
date for the return of unpaid taxes to the county treasurer.