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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Repair of streets; rate of speed; removal of ice and snow
Railroad (RRD) CHAPTER 49, ARTICLE 5
§ 178. Repair of streets; rate of speed; removal of ice and snow.
Every street surface railroad corporation, so long as it shall continue
to use or maintain any of its tracks in any street, avenue or public
place in any city or village, shall have and keep in permanent repair
that portion of such street, avenue or public place between its tracks,
the rails of its tracks, and two feet in width outside of its tracks,
under the supervision of the proper local authorities, and whenever
required by them to do so, and in such manner as they may prescribe; but
nothing contained in this section shall require any street railroad
corporation to make pavements or repairs over openings made in the
streets by any person, municipality or corporation other than such
street railroad corporation, for any purpose other than the pavement or
repavement of the street. In case of the neglect of any corporation to
make pavements or repairs after the expiration of twenty days' notice to
do so, the local authorities may make the same at the expense of such
corporation, and such authorities may make such reasonable regulations
and ordinances as to the rate of speed, mode and use of tracks, and
removal of ice and snow, as the interest or convenience of the public
may require. A corporation whose agents or servants wilfully or
negligently violate such an ordinance or regulation shall be liable to
such city or village for a penalty not exceeding five hundred dollars,
to be specified in such ordinance or regulation.