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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Northern Ireland related investments
Retirement & Social Security (RSS) CHAPTER 51-A, ARTICLE 9
§ 423-a. Northern Ireland related investments. 1. Notwithstanding any
other provision of law, on and after January first, nineteen hundred
eighty-seven, any moneys or assets of the common retirement fund which
shall remain or be invested in the stocks, securities or other
obligations of any institution or company doing business in or with
Northern Ireland or with agencies or instrumentalities thereof, shall be
invested subject to the provisions of subdivision three of this section.

2. On or before the first day of January of each year, the comptroller
shall determine the existence of affirmative action taken by
institutions or companies doing business in Northern Ireland to
eliminate ethnic or religious discrimination based on actions taken for:

(a) Increasing the representation of individuals from underrepresented
religious groups in the workforce including managerial, supervisory,
administrative, clerical and technical jobs.

(b) Providing adequate security for the protection of minority
employees both at the workplace and while travelling to and from work.

(c) The banning of provocative religious or political emblems from the

(d) Publicly advertising all job openings and making special
recruitment efforts to attract applicants from underrepresented
religious groups.

(e) Providing that layoff, recall, and termination procedures should
not in practice favor particular religious groupings.

(f) The abolition of job reservations, apprenticeship restrictions,
and differential employment criteria, which discriminate on the basis of
religion or ethnic origin.

(g) The development of training programs that will prepare substantial
numbers of current minority employees for skilled jobs, including the
expansion of existing programs and the creation of new programs to
train, upgrade, and improve the skills of minority employees.

(h) The establishment of procedures to assess, identify, and actively
recruit minority employees with potential for further advancement.

(i) The appointment of senior management staff members to oversee
affirmative action efforts and the setting up of timetables to carry out
affirmative action principles.

3. Consistent with sound investment policy, the comptroller shall
invest the assets of the common retirement fund in such a manner that
the investments in institutions doing business in or with Northern
Ireland shall reflect the advances made by such institutions in
eliminating discrimination as established pursuant to subdivision two of
this section.