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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Death benefit for vested members who die prior to retirement
Retirement & Social Security (RSS) CHAPTER 51-A, ARTICLE 14
§ 508-a. Death benefit for vested members who die prior to retirement.
a. A death benefit plus the reserve-for-increased-take-home-pay, if any,
shall be payable upon the death of a member of a retirement system who:

1. Died before the effective date of retirement while a member of such
retirement system;

2. Had at least ten years of credited service at the time of death;

3. Died at a time and in a manner which did not result in the
eligibility of the member's estate or any beneficiary to receive any
death benefits from such retirement system on account of such death.

b. Benefits provided under this section shall be payable to the
member's estate or the beneficiary or beneficiaries nominated by the
member on a designation of beneficiary form filed with the
administrative head of such retirement system.

c. The amount of the benefit payable pursuant to this section shall be
equal to one-half of the amount of the ordinary death benefit which
would have been payable had the member's death occurred on the last day
of service upon which membership was based.