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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Termination of membership
Retirement & Social Security (RSS) CHAPTER 51-A, ARTICLE 14
§ 517-a. Termination of membership. With respect to the New York
state employees' retirement system and the New York state and local
police and fire retirement system, membership in the retirement system
shall cease upon the occurrence of any one of the following conditions:

1. When seven years have elapsed since a member has performed active
service provided, however, that no part of such seven year period shall
run during such time as a member, with at least five years of member
service credit, shall serve as an officer or employee of the federal
government or the United Nations or other international organizations of
which the United States of America is a member.

2. When a member shall die.

3. When a member shall retire.

4. When a member, who is not vested, withdraws accumulated
contributions in accordance with the provisions of section five hundred
seventeen of this article. If such person subsequently rejoins the
retirement system within five years from the date he discontinued
service with the state or a participating employer, such person shall be
entitled to every retirement right, benefit and privilege which would
have been available to him had he reentered membership on the date of
such discontinuance from service.