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This entry was published on 2021-11-05
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Performance of duty disability retirement benefits for certain first responders in Nassau county
Retirement & Social Security (RSS) CHAPTER 51-A, ARTICLE 15
* § 607-j. Performance of duty disability retirement benefits for
certain first responders in Nassau county. a. The county of Nassau shall
make the benefits provided herein available to the following employee
titles in the employ of Nassau county: police medic; police medic
supervisor; police medic coordinator; bureau director emergency
ambulance; and deputy bureau director emergency ambulance.

b. A member shall be entitled to retirement for disability incurred in
the performance of duty if, at the time application therefor is filed,
he or she is:

1. Physically or mentally incapacitated for performance of duty as the
natural and proximate result of a disability not caused by his or her
own willful negligence sustained in such service and while actually a
member of the retirement system; and

2. Actually in service upon which his or her membership is based.
However, in the case where a member is discontinued from service, either
voluntarily, or involuntarily, subsequent to sustaining a disability in
such service, application may be made not later than two years after the
member is first discontinued from service; and provided that the member
meets the requirements of subdivision a of this section and this

c. Application for a performance of duty disability retirement
allowance for such a member may be made by:

1. Such member; or

2. The head of the department in which such member is employed; or

3. Any person acting on behalf of and authorized by such member.

d. 1. After the filing of such an application, such member shall be
given one or more medical examinations. No such application shall be
approved, however, unless the member or some other person on his or her
behalf shall have filed written notice in the office of the comptroller
within ninety days after the occurrence which is the basis for the
disability incurred in the performance of duty, setting forth:

(a) The time when and the place of such occurrence; and

(b) The particulars thereof; and

(c) The nature and extent of the member's injuries; and

(d) His or her alleged disability.

2. The notice herein required need not be given:

(a) If the notice of such accident shall be filed in accordance with
the provisions of the workers' compensation law of any state within
which a participating employer in Nassau county shall have its employees
located or performing functions and duties within the normal scope of
their employment; or

(b) If the application for performance of duty disability retirement
is filed within one year after the date of the occurrence which forms
the basis for the application; or

(c) If a failure to file notice has been excused for good cause shown
as provided by rules and regulations promulgated by the comptroller.

e. If the comptroller determines that the member is physically or
mentally incapacitated for the performance of duty pursuant to
subdivision b of this section and ought to be retired, such member shall
be so retired. Such retirement shall be effective as of a date approved
by the comptroller.

f. The annual retirement allowance payable upon retirement for
disability incurred in the performance of duty shall be a pension of
one-half of his or her final average salary plus an annuity which shall
be the actuarial equivalent of the member's accumulated contributions,
if any.

g. If the member, at the time of the filing of an application under
the provision of subdivision c of this section, is eligible for a
service retirement benefit, then and in that event, he or she may
simultaneously file an application for service retirement in accordance
with the provision of section seventy of this chapter, provided that the
member indicates on the application for service retirement that such
application is filed without prejudice to the application for the
retirement for disability incurred in performance of duty.

h. Any benefit provided pursuant to this section shall not be
considered as an accidental disability benefit within the meaning of
section sixty-four of this chapter.

i. Any benefit payable pursuant to the workers' compensation law to a
member receiving a disability allowance pursuant to this section shall
be in addition to such retirement for disability incurred in performance
of duty allowance.

j. A final determination of the comptroller that the member is not
entitled to retirement benefits pursuant to this section shall not in
any respect be, or constitute, a determination with regard to benefits
payable pursuant to section two hundred seven-c of the general municipal

* NB There are 3 § 607-j's