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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Second Class Cities (SCC) CHAPTER 53, ARTICLE 9
§ 135. Membership. No person shall be appointed to membership in the
police or fire departments of the city, or continue to hold membership
therein, who is not a citizen of good moral character, who has ever been
convicted of a felony, who can not understandingly read and write the
English language, and who shall not have resided in the city during the
two years next preceding his appointment. The commissioner shall make
all appointments, promotions and changes of status of the officers and
members of the police and fire departments in accordance with the
provisions of the civil service law of the state, except as otherwise
provided herein. In making promotions, seniority and meritorious service
in the department, as well as superior capacity, as shown by competitive
examination, shall be taken into account. Individual acts of bravery may
be treated as acts of meritorious service, and the relative weight
therefor shall be fixed by the municipal civil service commission. No
member of the police or fire departments shall hold any other office nor
be employed in any other department of the city government.