1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. Surrogate's Court Procedure
  4. Article 4: Appearance; Protection of Persons Under Disability; Counsel For Indigent Adults In Surrogate's Court Proceedings

Section 404 Qualification and duties of guardian ad litem 1

Surrogate's Court Procedure (SCP)

Qualification and duties of guardian ad litem

  1. A guardian ad litem shall be an attorney admitted to practice in New York.

  2. Before entering upon his duties he shall file a consent to act and unless he has previously done so, a statement of no interest adverse to or in conflict with the person under disability.

  3. He shall file an appearance and take such steps with diligence as deemed necessary to represent and protect the interests of the person under disability, and file a report of his activities together with his recommendation upon the termination of his duties or at such other time as directed by the court.