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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Guardians and Custodians
Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (SCP) CHAPTER 59-A


1701. Power of court.

1702. Jurisdiction.

1703. Petition for appointment; by whom made.

1704. Petition for appointment; contents.

1705. Persons to be served.

1706. Proceedings thereupon.

1707. Decree appointing guardian; term of office.

1708. Bonding Requirements; Investment of Guardianship Funds.

1709. Appointment of guardian by supreme court.

1710. Will or deed containing appointment to be proved.

1711. Guardian by will or deed; qualification; renunciation.

1712. Appointment of successor.

1713. Administration of infant's property.

1714. Power to manage during minority property vested in an infant.

1715. Authority of guardian to sell, lease, exchange or mortgage.

1716. Application for ancillary letters to foreign guardians.

1717. Proceedings thereupon.

1718. Effect of such letters.

1719. Annual account.

1720. Affidavit to be annexed thereto.

1721. Annual examination of guardian's accounts.

1722. Proceedings where account defective.

1723. Powers of a guardian of the property.

1724. Custodians.

1725. Temporary guardianship by adoptive parent prior to adoption.

1726. Standby guardians.

1727. Petition for termination of account of guardian, committee, or