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This entry was published on 2023-11-17
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Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (SCP) CHAPTER 59-A

2201. Accountability of legal life tenant or fiduciary, committee or

conservator of legal life tenant.
2202. Recording or filing instruments settling accounts in part or in

2203. Decree on filing instruments approving accounts.
2204. Judicial settlement where recovery has been had in negligence

2205. Compulsory account and related relief on a court's own

initiative or on petition; who may petition.
2206. Compulsory account and related relief; proceedings thereupon.
2207. Accounting by fiduciary of deceased fiduciary, committee of

incompetent fiduciary, or conservator of conservatee

2208. Voluntary account; who may petition.
2209. Affidavit to account.
2210. Voluntary account; process.
2211. Voluntary account; proceedings thereupon.
2212. Accounting for profit and loss.
2213. Accounting for claim for funeral expenses.
2214. Property of estate to be delivered on order.
2215. Decree for payment and distribution.
2216. Distribution in kind.
2217. When money or property may be retained.
2218. Deposit in court for benefit of legatee, distributee or

2219. Adjustment of advancements.
2220. Payment of share of infant, incompetent or conservatee or person

under disability.
2221. Payment of legacy or distributive share to foreign fiduciary.
2222. Legacy or distributive share payable to unknown person to be

paid to comptroller.
2222-a. Notice of legacy or distributive share payable to incarcerated

individual or prisoner
2223. Funds paid into court.
2224. Id.; where beneficiary's name or whereabouts is unknown.
2225. Determination of distributees, devisees, legatees, beneficiaries

and distributive and beneficial shares.
2226. Rights of alleged decedent upon return.
2227. Summary statement.