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Federal grants
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 5
§ 410-b. Federal grants. 1. The department of taxation and finance
is authorized to accept and receive from the federal government any
moneys which the federal government shall offer to the state for or with
respect to the construction, maintenance or operation of facilities for
day care for children, under or pursuant to any federal law heretofore
or hereafter enacted authorizing grants to the state for such purpose or
similar purposes, including payments to political subdivisions of, and
any public agencies in the state.

2. The department of social welfare is hereby designated and
empowered to act as the agent of the state in carrying out the
provisions of any such federal law with respect to such day care
facilities in this state.

3. Any and all such grants and moneys awarded for assistance to this
state under or pursuant to any federal law shall be accepted and
received by the department of taxation and finance as custodian thereof
and such moneys, so received, shall be deposited by such department of
taxation and finance in a special fund or funds and shall be used
exclusively for the purposes of any such federal law. Such moneys shall
be paid from such fund or funds on the audit and warrant of the
comptroller upon vouchers certified or approved by the commissioner of

4. Any federal funds made available to the state for day care
facilities shall be retained by the state.