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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 5-B
§ 410-p. Definitions. As used in this title, the term:

1. "Agency" shall mean a not-for-profit corporation or group of
not-for-profit corporations. With respect to any county for which no
appropriate not-for-profit corporation or group of corporations has
submitted a proposal, such term shall mean a statewide or regional
not-for-profit corporation which establishes such a corporation or shall
mean a local governmental entity which provides the services authorized
by this title;

2. "Resource and referral program" shall mean an agency funded
pursuant to this title to provide services specified in section four
hundred ten-r of this title within a defined geographic area;

3. "Early childhood services" shall mean services which include, but
are not limited to, registered, certified or licensed care in family day
care homes, group family day care homes, school-age child care programs;
head start programs, day care centers; child care which may be provided
without a permit, certificate or registration in accordance with this
statute; early childhood education programs approved by the state
education department; and care provided in a children's camp as defined
in section one thousand four hundred of the public health law;

4. "Required resource and referral services" shall mean those services
listed in subdivision one of section four hundred ten-q of this title
which must be provided by each child care resource and referral program
to parents and other guardians, child care and early childhood services
providers, employers and communities within the geographic area served
by the program, to the extent funds are available for such services;

5. "Enhanced services" shall mean additional or more intensive levels
of services as listed in subdivision two of section four hundred ten-q
of this title, which an agency agrees to provide in order to receive
additional funding pursuant to this title;

6. "Parent" or "Parents" shall mean and include biological and
adoptive parents, guardians or other persons in parental relationship to
a child.