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Day services; when social services official may furnish
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 7
§ 430. Day services; when social services official may furnish. 1.
In order to preserve and stabilize family life, to prevent the need for
placement of children outside their homes, and to enable children in
foster care to return to their families as expeditiously as possible, a
social services official is authorized to provide day services at public
expense to children and their families residing in his territory,
pursuant to the provisions of this title.

2. Day services may be provided in cases where the social services
official has determined that such services would promote or accomplish
one or more of the following objectives:

(a) to avert a risk of serious impairment or disruption of a family
unit which would result in the placement of a child outside his own

(b) to enable a child who has been placed in a child care institution
or other group care facility to be placed in a foster care setting more
closely oriented to community or family life;

(c) to enable a child who has been placed in foster care to return to
his family at an earlier time than would otherwise be possible.

3. If the child's family is able to pay part or all of the costs of
day services, such family shall be required to pay such fees therefor as
may be reasonable in the light of such ability pursuant to regulations
of the department.

4. Day services may be provided by a social services official either
directly or through purchase. Purchase of such services may be made
only from a private non-profit corporation or association, except when
the commissioner shall have approved the purchase of such services from
a private proprietary facility by a social services official who has
demonstrated a lack of conveniently accessible non-profit facilities
that are adequate to provide the required services.

5. As used in this title, "day services" shall mean care and
treatment for part of the day of one or more children under eighteen
years of age and their families in a program which provides to such
children and families in accordance with their needs various services
such as psychiatric, psychological, social casework, educational,
vocational, health, transportation and such other services as may be
appropriate. Such services shall be provided in accordance with program
standards promulgated by the department. Day services may be continued
after the eighteenth birthday of a child in the care of an authorized
agency and until he becomes twenty-one years of age. Day services shall
not be provided to any children and their families for periods in excess
of one year, without the approval of the department.