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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State reimbursement; standards of payment
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 7
§ 432. State reimbursement; standards of payment. 1. (a)
Expenditures made by social services officials for day services programs
and their administration pursuant to the provisions of this title shall,
if approved by the department, be subject to reimbursement by the state,
in accordance with the regulations of the department as follows: there
shall be paid to each social services district (1) the amount of federal
funds, if any, properly received or to be received on account of such
expenditures; (2) fifty per centum of allowable expenditures for day
services and its administration, after first deducting therefrom any
federal funds properly received or to be received on account thereof and
the amount of any fees paid to the social services official for day
services. The local government share of the cost of day services may be
met in whole or in part by donated private funds, exclusive of in-kind

(b) For purposes of this title, expenditures for administration of
day services shall include expenditures for compensation of employees in
connection with the furnishing of day services, including but not
limited to costs incurred for pensions, federal old age and survivors
insurance and health insurance for such employees; training programs for
personnel, operation, maintenance and service costs; and such other
expenditures as equipment costs, depreciation and charges and rental
values as may be approved by the department. It shall not include
expenditures for capital costs.

2. The department shall, after consultation with appropriate state
agencies and with the approval of the the director of the budget,
promulgate regulations establishing standards of payment for day
services provided children with public financial support. Such
standards of payment shall include the services required to be provided
to the child and his family and the cost of such services. When the
department has established such standards, reimbursement under this
section shall be limited in accordance with such standards.

3. (a) Claims for state reimbursement shall be made in such form and
manner and at such times and for such periods as the department shall

(b) When certified by the department, state reimbursement shall be
paid from the state treasury upon the audit and warrant of the
comptroller out of funds made available therefor.

4. Payment of state reimbursement shall be made to local fiscal
officers as in the case of state reimbursement for public assistance and
care under other provisions of this chapter.