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Advisory committee
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 8
§ 443. Advisory committee. 1. The department shall establish and
meet regularly with an advisory committee of not more than twenty
members to consider policy and planning issues relating to the service
and to assist in the design, development, establishment and on-going
operation of the service, including assisting in the resolution of
issues concerning the safeguarding of the confidentiality of
information. The advisory committee may in its discretion submit
reports to the governor and the legislature.

2. The advisory committee shall be appointed by the commissioner, who
shall appoint one of the committee's members to be its chairman. The
members of the committee shall be appointed from the following
categories, one or more from each category:

(a) designees of the commissioner;

(b) designees of the administrative judge of the state of New York;

(c) designees of the director of the division of the budget;

(d) commissioners of local social services districts or their

(e) representatives of voluntary child care agencies;

(f) persons active in organizations involved in the protection of
civil liberties;

(g) persons active in organizations involved in promoting the
interests of children.