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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 2-A, TITLE 2
§ 45. Definitions. As used in this title, the following terms shall
have the following meanings unless the context clearly requires

1. "Eligible cost" shall mean the cost to deliver one or more services
to eligible residents to assist such residents to live independently,
including information and referral, resident services coordination,
crisis intervention, and other like services. Eligible cost shall not
include: those costs associated with maintenance and operation of
physical plant; those costs associated with support services or
maintenance provided or financially assisted by other state or municipal
programs; or those costs associated with support services provided in
residential care programs licensed by a state department or agency. When
two or more eligible projects exist in the same geographic area,
services shall be provided in common among such projects whenever

2. "Eligible applicant" shall mean a not-for-profit corporation or
charitable organization which operates single room occupancy units
qualifying as an eligible project.

3. "Eligible resident" shall mean a person residing in a single room
occupancy unit who is in need of services to live independently. In the
event that the income of such resident exceeds one hundred fifty percent
of the poverty level, the eligible project may charge a service fee to
the eligible resident not to exceed fifty percent of the total cost of
services provided pursuant to this title in such project divided by the
number of eligible residents in the project.

4. "Eligible project" shall mean those single room occupancy units
occupied by eligible residents, within a building or portion thereof
which is operated by an eligible applicant.

5. "Single room occupancy unit" shall mean a private room providing
living and sleeping space for no more than two persons with access to
bathing and toilet facilities, within a building or portion thereof
which is operated by an eligible applicant; provided, however, that in
no event shall such unit be located in:

(a) hotels, motels or other dwellings occupied transiently;

(b) shelters for families or adults, as defined by the commissioner;

(c) residential facilities or institutions which are required to be
licensed by any state agency;

(d) college or school dormitories;

(e) clubhouses;

(f) housing intended for use primarily or exclusively by the employees
of a single company or institution; or

(g) convents or monasteries.

The unit itself may contain a kitchen and/or a bathroom.

6. "In-kind expenditures" shall mean the cash value of eligible costs
that are not reimbursed under this title and may include but not be
limited to materials, equipment, space or paid or volunteer staff.