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Family support services programs
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 12
§ 458-m. Family support services programs. 1. As used in this title,
the term "family support services programs" shall mean a program
established pursuant to this title to provide community-based supportive
services to children and families with the goal of (i) preventing a
child from being adjudicated a person in need of supervision and help
prevent the out of home placements of such youth or (ii) preventing a
petition from being filed under article seven of the family court act,
or (iii) reducing future interaction with the juvenile justice or child
welfare systems for children under twelve years of age who do not fall
under the definition of juvenile delinquent pursuant to subparagraph
(iii) of paragraph (a) of subdivision one of section 301.2 of the family
court act and whose behavior, but for their age would bring them within
the jurisdiction of the family court pursuant to article three of the
family court act.

2. Family support services programs shall provide comprehensive
services to such children and their families, either directly or through
referrals with partner agencies, including, but not limited to:

(a) rapid family assessments and screenings;

(b) crisis intervention;

(c) family mediation and skills building;

(d) mental and behavioral health services including cognitive

(e) case management;

(f) respite services;

(g) education advocacy; and

(h) other family support services.

3. The services that are provided shall be trauma responsive, family
focused, gender-responsive, and evidence based or informed and strengths
based and shall be tailored to the individualized needs of the child and
family based on the assessments and screenings conducted by such family
support services program.

4. Family support services programs shall have the capacity to serve
families outside of regular business hours including evenings and