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Complaint investigation procedures
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 7, TITLE 2
§ 461-o. Complaint investigation procedures. The department shall
establish procedures governing the receipt and investigation of
complaints regarding the care afforded to residents of adult care
facilities consistent with article eleven of this chapter, as
applicable. Such procedures shall assure the confidentiality of the
complainant. Such procedures shall include but not be limited to the
procedures for reporting complaints, either in writing or orally to the
department, and the time frames governing the investigation of any such
complaints submitted to the department. Provided however, if any
complaint alleges the abuse or neglect of a resident or involves an
incident that exposes a resident to cruel or unsafe care or otherwise
represents a serious resident care issue, the department shall ensure
that an investigation of any such complaint is initiated immediately and
in no event commenced less than seventy-two hours from the time such
complaint is received by the department. Upon the conclusion of the
investigation by the department the operator and the complainant shall
be notified in writing of the results of such investigation or, as
applicable, pursuant to article eleven of this chapter.