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Statewide registry
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 7, TITLE 4
§ 463-a. Statewide registry. 1. There shall be established in the
department a statewide registry on community residential facilities.
The department shall develop, in cooperation with the state agencies
responsible for the planning, administration, licensing, regulation and
operation of community residential facilities, a uniform data base for a
statewide registry to include, but not be limited to, the following

(a) the nature or type of such community residence for the disabled
including the class of disabled persons it is intended to serve;

(b) the title of the sponsoring agency responsible for the operation
of such community residence;

(c) the geographical area in which such community residence is
located, including but not limited to street address, municipality,
local school district and health systems agency;

(d) the number of clients or residents authorized to live within such
community residences; and

(e) the licensing authority of such community residence.

2. (a) The department shall, no later than December fifteenth,
nineteen hundred eighty-three and annually thereafter, prepare a report
to the governor and the legislature including the following information:

(i) a registry of all community residences presently operating in
this state including the types of services provided, the number of
persons served, the number of persons authorized to reside therein, the
licensing authority by which it is governed and the municipality in
which it is located; and

(ii) the number of persons in the state presently receiving placement
in a community residence including the general type of services being
provided and the municipality in which they are provided.

(b) The department shall prepare for inclusion in the annual report
required by subdivision (d) of section seventeen of this chapter to be
filed with the governor and the legislature prior to December fifteenth
of each year an analysis of the information as previously described in
paragraph (a) of this subdivision so as to improve the ability of such
state agencies responsible for the planning, administration, licensing,
regulation and operation of such community residences to effectively
identify existing and future needs for persons and services in different
areas and coordinate their planning efforts to meet such needs.

3. The department shall provide or cause to be provided technical
assistance, within available resources, to municipalities which intend
to establish similar coordinated planning functions as described in this