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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Verified accounts against counties, cities and towns
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 10
§ 476. Verified accounts against counties, cities and towns. 1. The
officers mentioned in the last section shall annually, on or before the
fifteenth day of October, present to the clerk of the board of
supervisors of the county, or of the county in which such town is
situated, or to the city clerk of a city from which any such person is
committed or appointed, a verified report and statement of the account
of such institution with such county, town or city, up to the first day
of October, and in case of a claim for clothing, an itemized statement
of the same; and if a part of the board, care, tuition or clothing has
been paid by any person or persons, the account shall show what sum has
been so paid; and the report shall show the name, age, sex, nationality
and residence of each person mentioned in the account, the name of the
officer who made the appointment or commitment, and the date and length
of the same, and the time to which the account has been paid, and the
amount claimed to such first day of October, the sum per week or per
annum charged, and if no part of such account has been paid, the report
shall show such fact.

2. Any officer who shall refuse or neglect to make such report shall
not be entitled to receive any compensation or pay for any services,
salary or otherwise, from any town, city or county affected thereby.

3. The clerk of the board of supervisors who shall receive any such
report or account shall file and present the same to the board of
supervisors of his county on the second day of the annual meeting of the
board next after the receipt of the same.