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Statewide settlement house program; awarding of grants
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 10-B
§ 482-c. Statewide settlement house program; awarding of grants. 1.
The commissioner is hereby authorized to issue grants for the purpose of
enhancing and coordinating activities and programs, expanding programs
to serve more individuals and families, and/or promoting inter-agency
coordination with other neighborhood organizations offering
complementary services.

2. Funds awarded to settlement houses pursuant to the provisions of
subdivision one of this section shall be used to supplement and not to
supplant other federal, state or local funds.

3. The commissioner shall issue requests for applications to all
settlement houses and shall specify that applications include a
description of the nature of the services to be provided, a discussion
of the relatedness of the services to the purposes of a settlement house
as defined in section four hundred eighty-two-b of this article and an
estimate of the number and composition of clients to be served. Such
applications may include a discussion of plans to develop or enhance
outreach services to individuals and families, institute or augment
assessments of individual and family needs, coordinate services, develop
links with neighborhood organizations, develop employment inititatives,
mentoring programs and other cooperative programs with unions,
neighborhood businesses and community corporations, and identify sources
of private funding. Such applications shall also include at least the

(a) appropriate accounting and fiscal control procedures that assure
that funds are expended in accordance with this article, including the
filing of an annual financial statement by each provider; and

(b) appropriate written records regarding the number of individuals
and families served and the type and extent of services rendered by the
settlement house.

4. The commissioner shall solicit and select applications for the
provision of programs and services funded pursuant to this article. It
is necessary that settlement houses receiving funding pursuant to this
article demonstrate a plan to raise one dollar for each two dollars of
state grants received. Subsequent year funding may be adjusted to
reflect prior years' experience.

5. The commissioner may issue a request for applications to the extent
funds are available on a multi-year basis.

6. The commissioner shall make grants of up to fifty thousand dollars
to settlement houses following approval of an acceptable plan submitted
pursuant to the request for applications so long as there are funds
available. The commissioner shall notify the local social services
district of a grant award to a settlement house in that district.