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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 2-A, TITLE 4
§ 49. Definitions. For the purposes of this title, the following terms
shall have the following meanings:

1. "Homeless" shall mean an undomiciled household which is unable to
secure permanent and habitable housing without special assistance, as
determined by the commissioner, including but not limited to households
temporarily residing in emergency shelters, transitional facilities,
hotels/motels, or substandard conditions.

2. "Household" shall mean a single individual or family, including
couples without dependent children who, or which, are eligible to
receive public assistance.

3. "Eligible applicant" shall mean local social services districts or
not-for-profit corporations serving homeless and at-risk households.

4. "At-risk" shall mean a household threatened with homelessness and
those with a history of frequent moves.

5. "Homelessness intervention services" shall mean services which are
designed to stabilize at-risk and homeless households by avoiding
homelessness or assisting households to secure permanent and habitable
housing. Such services may include, but need not be limited to the

(a) services to resolve conflicts between landlords and tenants and to
facilitate fair and workable solutions;

(b) legal services to households threatened with the loss of their
homes through eviction, harassment or other means;

(c) tenant activities to educate households in the areas of tenant
rights and responsibilities, and to organize tenants to remedy housing
problems such as code violations, landlord abandonment and harassment;

(d) benefits/entitlements advocacy to ensure that households are
receiving all federal, state and local benefits to which they are
entitled, such as temporary assistance to needy families, safety net
assistance, food stamps, supplemental security income, rent security
deposits, furniture and household moving expenses;

(e) relocation assistance which provides for the identification of and
referral to permanent and habitable housing, transportation services,
landlord/tenant lease negotiation services and assistance in
establishing utility services; and

(f) the provision of or referral to support services designed to
stabilize households in permanent and habitable housing including
services related to substance abuse, domestic violence, housekeeping,
budgeting, education, day care, employment, parenting, mental health,
physical health, and such other services deemed necessary by the office
of temporary and disability assistance. Service provided to homeless
households pursuant to this paragraph must be provided for a period of
at least six months beginning the first day of the month following the
month in which such household secured permanent housing.