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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Independent audit of annual financial statements
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 7
§ 122-a. Independent audit of annual financial statements. 1. The
chairmen and ranking minority members of the senate finance committee
and the assembly ways and means committee, in order to ensure that the
provisions of this section and paragraph b of subdivision nine of
section eight of this chapter are complied with, shall function as an
audit committee for the purposes of receiving the results of each
independent audit prepared pursuant to section eight of this chapter.

2. The comptroller, the director of the budget, the state treasurer,
the commissioner of taxation and finance, and any other state officer or
employee shall make available upon request to such independent certified
public accountant all books and records relevant to such independent

3. The cost of the audit shall be paid out of amounts appropriated for
such purpose.

4. The scope of any audit performed pursuant to this section shall be
an audit of all of the basic financial statements and all of the
supporting schedules required by generally accepted accounting
principles to be included in a comprehensive annual financial report.

5. Each member of the audit committee shall be entitled to designate a
representative to attend meetings of such committee in his place, and to
vote or otherwise act on his behalf in his absence. Notice of such
designation shall be furnished in writing to such committee by the
designating member. A representative shall serve at the pleasure of the
designating member during the member's term of office. A representative
shall not be authorized to delegate any of his duties or functions to
any other person.