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This entry was published on 2017-04-21
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Replacement of lost certificates
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 5
§ 62. Replacement of lost certificates. The comptroller, who may act
through his duly authorized fiscal agent or trustee appointed pursuant
to section sixty-five of this article, may issue to the lawful owner of
any certificate or bond issued by him in behalf of this state, which he
or such duly authorized fiscal agent or trustee is satisfied, by due
proof filed in his office or with such duly authorized fiscal agent or
trustee, has been lost or casually destroyed, a new certificate or bond,
corresponding in date, number and amount with the certificate or bond so
lost or destroyed, and expressing on its face that it is a renewed
certificate or bond. No such renewed certificate or bond shall be issued
unless sufficient security is given to satisfy the lawful claim of any
person to the original certificate or bond, or to any interest therein.
The comptroller shall report annually to the legislature the number and
amount of all renewed certificates or bonds so issued. If the renewed
certificate is issued by the state's duly authorized fiscal agent or
trustee and such agent or trustee agrees to be responsible for any loss
suffered as a result of unauthorized payment, the security shall be
provided to and approved by the fiscal agent or trustee and no
additional approval by the comptroller or the attorney general shall be