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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 5-B
§ 67-a. Definitions. When used in this article the following terms
shall have the meanings set forth below:

1. "State-supported debt" shall mean any bonds or notes, including
bonds or notes issued to fund reserve funds and costs of issuance,
issued by the state or a state public corporation for which the state is
constitutionally obligated to pay debt service or is contractually
obligated to pay debt service subject to an appropriation, except where
the state has a contingent contractual obligation.

2. "Total personal income of the state" shall mean the most recently
published estimate of the immediately preceding calendar year annual
total personal income of the state of New York as published by the
United States department of commerce or any successor agency from which
information is available most proximate and prior to October
thirty-first, two thousand one and to October thirty-first of each year
thereafter. Subsequent revisions of the published estimated dollar
amount for any calendar year estimate employed pursuant to the terms of
this subdivision shall not affect the validity of the determination made
for any fiscal year.

3. "Total governmental funds receipts" shall mean the total amount of
receipts of all governmental funds of the state including general fund,
special revenue funds, capital funds and debt service funds as finally
reported by the state comptroller on a cash basis of accounting for the
state fiscal year, but shall exclude cash transfers between funds and
include any cash management or other related transactions whereby
receipts in a state fiscal year were reduced and maintained for
subsequent use.

4. "Capital work or purpose" shall mean any project involving:

(i) the acquisition, construction, demolition, or replacement of a
fixed asset or assets;

(ii) the major repair or renovation of a fixed asset, or assets which
materially extends its useful life or materially improves or increases
its capacity; or

(iii) the planning or design of the acquisition, construction,
demolition, replacement, major repair or renovation of a fixed asset or
assets, including the preparation and review of plans and specifications
including engineering and other services, field surveys and sub-surface
investigations incidental thereto.