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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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The New York works task force
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 5-E
§ 69-i. The New York works task force. 1. There shall be a New York
works task force that will advise on coordinating the capital plans of
New York state agencies and authorities, including leveraging and
accelerating funding streams and financing mechanisms to enhance
infrastructure investment throughout New York state.

2. The New York works task force shall:

(a) develop a coordinated capital infrastructure plan among state
agencies and authorities. The plan shall focus on the efficient and
accelerated deployment of resources to meet regional and statewide
infrastructure needs and shall consider the extent to which the plan is
consistent with the regional economic development plans designated by
the chair of the urban development corporation;

(b) recommend prioritization of capital infrastructure projects and
the allocation of capital resources;

(c) make recommendations on facilitating the expediting of permit
approvals, regulatory approvals, and other state actions necessary to
advance priority infrastructure projects;

(d) recommend financing options for infrastructure projects including
but not limited to state supported debt, federal funding and other
finance vehicles; and

(e) advise state agencies and authorities on the use of methods of
procurement and contracting.

3. The department of transportation shall provide a two-year capital
plan for the years two thousand thirteen--two thousand fourteen and two
thousand fourteen--two thousand fifteen to the New York works task force
for its advice and recommendations to coordinate and address regional
transportation needs.

4. The New York works task force shall produce an infrastructure
report including the capital plan submitted to it pursuant to
subdivision three of this section to the governor, temporary president
of the senate, speaker of the assembly, minority leader of the senate
and minority leader of the assembly annually on September first.