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This entry was published on 2016-04-08
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Expenditure of check-off monies
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 6
§ 71-b. Expenditure of check-off monies. 1. To the extent practicable,
for every fund established pursuant to this chapter or any other law,
for which a tax check-off is a source of the monies in such fund, the
head of the agency or entity administering the expenditure of such
monies shall ensure that all tax check-off monies received during a
fiscal year are expended prior to the end of such fiscal year.

2. The head of the agency or entity administering the expenditure of
tax check-off monies shall report annually on the use of such monies to
the temporary president of the senate, speaker of the assembly, chair of
the senate finance committee, chair of the assembly ways and means
committee, chair of the appropriate committee in the senate or assembly,
the state comptroller and the public. Such report shall include the
amount of money dispersed from the fund and the award process used for
such disbursements, recipients of awards from the fund, the amount
awarded to each, the purposes for which such awards were granted, and a
summary financial plan for such monies which shall include estimates of
all receipts and all disbursements for the current and succeeding fiscal
years, along with the actual results from the prior fiscal year.