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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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World University Games Fund
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 6
* § 97-nn. World University Games Fund. 1. There is hereby established
in the joint custody of the state comptroller and the commissioner of
taxation and finance a fund in the state purposes account to be known as
the World University Games Fund.

2. Such fund shall consist of all revenues received from the sale of
World University Games license plates pursuant to section four hundred
four-k of the vehicle and traffic law and all other moneys credited or
transferred thereto from any other fund or source pursuant to law.

3. Moneys of the fund, following appropriation by the legislature, may
be expended for the World University Games in Buffalo. Moneys shall be
paid out of the account on the audit and warrant of the state
comptroller on vouchers certified or approved by the commissioner of the
department of economic development.

* NB There are 3 § 97-nn's