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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Universal prekindergarten reserve fund
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 6
§ 97-vvv. Universal prekindergarten reserve fund. 1. There is hereby
established in the joint custody of the comptroller and the commissioner
of taxation and finance a fund, to be known as the "universal
prekindergarten reserve fund".

2. Such fund shall consist of moneys transferred from the general fund
pursuant to paragraph f of subdivision ten of section thirty-six hundred
two-e of the education law on behalf of school districts eligible to
receive funds pursuant to such section which do not provide a universal
prekindergarten program or do not serve all aidable pupils in the
current school year. School districts reserving moneys within this fund
shall access such moneys for use in providing a universal
prekindergarten program pursuant to section thirty-six hundred two-e of
the education law based upon a plan approved by the commissioner of
education and the director of the budget. Notwithstanding any provision
of law to the contrary, any funds remaining on deposit in the universal
prekindergarten fund as of September fifteenth, two thousand two shall
be transferred to the general fund.